Vacations & spring breaks are money guzzling

16 Feb

The world weather has gone crazy. I heard that they have extraordinary cold winter up north of the globe. Meanwhile, over here at the equator, we are melting in the extreme hot weather.

If only traveling is not so expensive, I will be flying like the migrating birds from hemisphere to hemisphere to find the kind of weather I want instead of suffering in this heat.

For me, the ideal one right now is a place with spring temperature. Not too hot, not too cold, just nice. But then, I don’t have the cash to live that kind of luxurious life.

So, I shall just have to keep melting in this hot weather. Today, to escape the heat at home, I went to the shopping mall with intention to buy a new Canon S90 camera. I heard the price is about $1,550.

I read the review on digital photo magazines, both local and international version and they gave rave review to the camera. Since I have a stack of cash from hubby, I thought of buying it using the money. I prefer cold hard cash or prepaid credit card any day.

That way, I don’t have to face the music later. Pay now, no suffering later at all. That’s why prepaid credit card is the much preferred payment mode for most parents with grown up children.

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