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06 Aug

Recently,someone asked me to help him to take photos of a series of wall hangings. It was a nightmare because the paintings are all very blurred and they are framed with glass. I tried several methods to get a decent photo of each painting and yet, I didn’t get a very good finishing.

How I wish I can bring those paintings down from the wall and give it some photo scanning instead of using my DSLR camera to capture the shots. Of course, I am not allowed to do so because those paintings are over a hundred years old.

I wonder how other experts deal with such situation? Do they have a special scanner or any photo scanning service where they can get really clear and sharp images? Does it make you curious how they get nice photos of those antique paintings?

Anyway, at the end of it, the old paintings were made into a video. Since it is a video, the finished products was quite okay and after adding some filter to the photos I took, they do look really mesmerizing. I am glad that I had taken the task of taking the photos with and without flash and at one point, I even asked for the room lights to be switched off.

Now, I have begun to see how clever manipulation of old paintings can actually evoke some a sense of history when we produce videos. From now on, I will start to hunt for old photos and old images so that I can keep them as archives and it will be useful in future to turn them into relics when I produce videos.

Still, I would have preferred photo scanning because there is no glare and no blurry images. But the thing with photo scanning is the large file size which can be rather taxing on our video editing and video transfer process.

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