Penang Toys Museum

14 Feb

betty boop, originally uploaded by 5xmom.

I went to the Penang Toys Museum and took over 300 photos from there. They are mostly toys from movies like Star Wars, LOTR, horror movies and modern action figures.

However, there are some very traditional toys like these Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse and other old toys as well.

It is certainly good place to take photos. However, it is still a challenge because of the dirty display windows these toys are stored in.

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Photographing spider web

14 Feb

spider web, originally uploaded by 5xmom.

It is very hard to take photos of the super thin, super fine and almost translucent spider web. Yet, the design is so mesmerizing and unique, I would spend a lot of time, move a few angles and try capturing them.

Usually, I need to touch up the photo, adding more shadow and highlights to be able to see the web.

The other day I went to the forest reserve park and there were so many spider webs to take pictures. It was a hot afternoon and I probably burnt a few shades darker just to take this picture.

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Create a website for wedding photos

14 Dec

A wedding is a lifetime of memories. It is so precious, special and hopefully, a once in a lifetime memorable event. So much so that one has to really make the special day remembered by all.

Usually, one spends a lot of money on the banquet and the photography. So, how does one immortalise all that on the word wide web? For a start, one can create a website.

I would prefer this website to start when the couple plans to marry. This way, one can journal the plans and all the initial pre-wedding arrangements. It will be beautiful to see the romance blossoming, leading to the wedding proposal and then, the wedding arrangements.

Now, with so many people having video cameras and digital cameras, we can also collect all the photos taken by them and put under one website so that we can see the faces of the guests, bride and groom, relatives in one single website.

Many people may not have the technical skills to start a website. Some may know only the basic but not able to create a really beautiful site with a certain theme. Therefore, we can always find resources where we can easily create a website with just a few simple steps.

The other thing is to make sure that the maintenance is done well so that we can keep the site for a much longer time and for the future generation to see as well.

So, ever thought of giving a wedding gift by way of giving someone a website?

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Door guard

10 Sep


This is a painting found a door. It is supposed to be the guards of the gate of hades or heaven. As you can see the face is really fierce and it sorts of remind us to behave ourselves or else we probably cannot pass through the door to the right area.

Chinese temples are very interesting place to take pictures. However, my only grouse is the dominating red colour which my camera tends to have problem capturing. Sometimes, the red colour comes out with some tinge of blue.

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Photo scanning

06 Aug

Recently,someone asked me to help him to take photos of a series of wall hangings. It was a nightmare because the paintings are all very blurred and they are framed with glass. I tried several methods to get a decent photo of each painting and yet, I didn’t get a very good finishing.

How I wish I can bring those paintings down from the wall and give it some photo scanning instead of using my DSLR camera to capture the shots. Of course, I am not allowed to do so because those paintings are over a hundred years old.

I wonder how other experts deal with such situation? Do they have a special scanner or any photo scanning service where they can get really clear and sharp images? Does it make you curious how they get nice photos of those antique paintings?

Anyway, at the end of it, the old paintings were made into a video. Since it is a video, the finished products was quite okay and after adding some filter to the photos I took, they do look really mesmerizing. I am glad that I had taken the task of taking the photos with and without flash and at one point, I even asked for the room lights to be switched off.

Now, I have begun to see how clever manipulation of old paintings can actually evoke some a sense of history when we produce videos. From now on, I will start to hunt for old photos and old images so that I can keep them as archives and it will be useful in future to turn them into relics when I produce videos.

Still, I would have preferred photo scanning because there is no glare and no blurry images. But the thing with photo scanning is the large file size which can be rather taxing on our video editing and video transfer process.

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