18 Jun

I think I sucks in every aspect of photography. I still have problems grappling with the manual settings of my DSLR. I always failed to be prepared.

I was at my nephew’s wedding and I didn’t know what to expect from a church wedding. I wasn’t ready when the bride march in with her father. So, by the time I turn on my camera and ready to aim, she was already way past where I stood.

So, all I got was her back. :(

However, I know I am rather good with framing because I normally pay careful attention to what I capture in that little view finder.


Since it was a church wedding, the cross features as the main subject. I tried to get the cross in most of my photo and when I compared the photos taken by me and the others, ya, mine looks better.


For this photo, I cropped off all the chaos at the background like the drums, organ and other musical instruments. Then, I give the photo some soft edges.

So, overall I am quite satisfied with the photos I took as I was standing at quite a distance away. I refused to go near the couple eventhough others urged me to do so. Why? Because I do not want to irk the MIL. I heard they have spent over SGD4K to hire professional photographer so I better stay away.

The above photos were taken with Nikon D40 and Nikon VR 18-200mm zoom lens.

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