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Graveyards are interesting place to take photos

31 Mar

Over here in Malaysia, most of the Chinese graveyards are rather unkept and not suitable for visiting unless it is during the annual grave clearing festival or Ching Ming which falls on April 5th this year. Otherwise, if there is a funeral, the grave digger will probably make a pathway for the mourners. On other days, it is best to keep away from the graveyards. Not because of the fear of ghosts or wandering spirits but rather snakes as the graveyards are rather bushy.

chinese graveyard

So, at every annual Ching Ming, I will bring along my camera to take lots of photos of the graves. I love the sombre mood mixed with the vibrant relatives there who burn all sorts of earthly treasures for the deceased.

burning earthly treasures for the dead

Seen above is a family who offered a lot of earthly treasures like a massage chair, a huge bungalow with an equallly big, black hat and lots of gold and silver ingots.

chinese grave

Some of my photos above are edited with Picnik which is an online photo editing software for Flickr users. I love the Premium Picnik but cannot part with USD24.95 for it. However, they provide a few free choices.

yellow roses

So, go visit the nearest graveyard and get some interesting photos.


Penang State Mosque Minaret

13 Aug

These are photos taken from my bedroom window. Sometimes, the sky is so pretty and breathtaking, you just have to shoot it.

penang state mosque minaret

The sight of the Penang State Mosque Minaret. I wonder if there are people who climbed to the top of the minaret or is it only for technicians to adjust sound system?

penang state mosque minaret

A bigger picture because I was using the 18-200mm Nikon VR lens.

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It took me that long to understand Aperture

06 Aug

The guy at the camera shop loves to tell me “Just use P and everything is adjusted for you.”  Yeah, he thinks I am a total moron who will never learn anything about Manual setting or understand the F numbers.  So, I normally use P or the program mode for most of my shots on the Nikon D40.


This is the kind of photo I get with a P setting on a hot afternoon. Over exposed, too bright until you do not see much details.

Frankly, I hate taking photos during hot afternoons because I do not want to end up becoming tanned. When I first got my camera, I was so crazy about taking photos until I ended up looking several shades darker. Now, I do not sacrifice my fair skin anymore. Usually, it is a shoot and run without bothering about the camera settings.


However, if I take a little time to adjust it to Aperture priority, or the A setting, I do get a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. The first phot and the second photo are taken within a minute, with different settings.

So, moral of the story is to play around with the knobs.

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The charm of old Ipoh

19 Jul

Sometime back, we stopped in Ipoh for dinner.  Ipoh normally has such lovely sunsets.  I am not sure why but whenever we ended up in Ipoh, it is usually sunset and I have that special, romantic, mediocre, old town feelings.


Maybe it is the old buildings that make the place so rustic.  The shops are all very old and very lonely kinda look.


After filling our stomachs with the Ipoh famous taugeh chicken rice and getting our salted chicken and ducks, we will hit the highway again.


We know home is just one and a half hour away and everything become so beautiful.  These photos were taken from our moving car and I have heavily adjusted the contrast, saturation and whatever buttons are on my iPhoto photo editing software.

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A quickie photo

04 May

orange flower

An orange flower from our apartment garden. The good thing about point and shoot camera is we can take quickie photos without fuss. Just whip it out of the pocket or handbag, twist it to macro mode and shoot.


No fuss with changing lens or squatting down to get the right angle. Nice. Photo taken with Nikon P4.

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