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Become more professional with affordable photography backdrops

17 Oct

Almost everyone owns a DSLR camera. In fact, people are not satisfied with entry level DSLR but they are opting for those hard to afford models because of the status symbol.

So, when one has a really good camera, one needs to go a mile further than the rest of the pack. You can no longer take ordinary photos but those that look professional like it is done in the studio. You need affordable photography backdrops that gives you breath taking backdrops.

Even if it is just a baby’s photo, you want your baby photo to stands out amongst the rest. A plain background will make the whole photo looks dull. So, what people are opting now is to get those decorative tiles that give you the kind of ‘expensive’ and classic looks.

If you take a look at the link provided, you will discover how easy it is to assemble these tiles. They even have a video to make it very simple to get it done.

The tiles come in various sizes and I am sure getting with some creative works, we can even turn our own home into a photo studio. The surprising thing is the prices are not too steep so we can actually have them in our home. That way, we can take photos without having the needs to pay for expensive, professional works at the studio eh? Some may even start a small home studio and cater to the demands of parents who want beautiful baby photos taken in the comfort of home.

Of course, everything is up to our imagination and how these affordable photography backdropsturn on depend on our creativity.

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The day I multiply the five people to five thousand people

11 Mar

It is fantastic how camera angles can influence the whole scene. The Pakatan Rakyat event was not very well attended. There were not many people.

pakatan rakyat penang

Yet, at a certain angle, the number of people looks like they are stretched all across the big field. It seems like it is a sea of people. Media estimated there were five thousand people in the whole field. In the above photo, a small section already looks like 5,000 people.

The trick is to take an angle where you don’t see the gaps and the heads of the people close together.

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18 Jun

I think I sucks in every aspect of photography. I still have problems grappling with the manual settings of my DSLR. I always failed to be prepared.

I was at my nephew’s wedding and I didn’t know what to expect from a church wedding. I wasn’t ready when the bride march in with her father. So, by the time I turn on my camera and ready to aim, she was already way past where I stood.

So, all I got was her back. :(

However, I know I am rather good with framing because I normally pay careful attention to what I capture in that little view finder.


Since it was a church wedding, the cross features as the main subject. I tried to get the cross in most of my photo and when I compared the photos taken by me and the others, ya, mine looks better.


For this photo, I cropped off all the chaos at the background like the drums, organ and other musical instruments. Then, I give the photo some soft edges.

So, overall I am quite satisfied with the photos I took as I was standing at quite a distance away. I refused to go near the couple eventhough others urged me to do so. Why? Because I do not want to irk the MIL. I heard they have spent over SGD4K to hire professional photographer so I better stay away.

The above photos were taken with Nikon D40 and Nikon VR 18-200mm zoom lens.

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Kids and balloons

16 May


(My future footballer)

Put a bunch of kids below 7 years old, a pile of balloon and a huge empty space like a stage and you can have so much fun capturing their excitement. However, I do not like the idea of people taking photos of children unless he or she is part of the parents from the group. Otherwise, I feel it is an invasion of privacy.


It is almost impossible to take any decent photos under normal, warm lighting because the kids move so fast and the slow shutter speed caused all the photos to be blur. In the end, I have to use the flash.


My point and shoot camera has a mode for taking kids photos which uses faster shutter speed to avoid motion blur. But if the place is dark, it is not possible to use. So, what I do is to place the camera, either a point and shoot camera or my DSLR on a stable place and keep shooting, with the hope of getting a few nice ones out of many.

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Capturing the vibrant youth in a church

11 May

I helped my son to take photos in the church yesterday. He was capturing a video while I used the Nikon D40 to do it. It is challenging to take the pictures because as you know, some of the church goers have that solemn, sombre and uptight looks on their faces. Therefore, running around to get a good angle is not an option.


However, I want to get the most vibrant pictures of the youth dancers. I do not want to use my flash as it spoils the mood of the warm and embracing moment at the altar. So, I took over 130 shots and get only about 80 photos. There isn’t place for me to stand and squatting or sitting down is not an option as I was wearing skirt.


The next time, if given the opportunity, I will make sure that I wear a jean and I will forget about the ‘oh, what will they think of me’ hang-ups. These girls have practised for months for this celebration and I must make sure that they have their best shots.


The other thing to remember is to attend their rehearsal so that I know in advance where they are coming out from and which is the highlight of the performance.

Overall, it is a beautiful performance by the Youth Group of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. They dance to the World Youth Day 2008 theme song. The World Youth Day 2008 will be held in Sydney, Australia in August.


Another photo adventure that I enjoyed tremendously.

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