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Driving at dusk

19 Jul

I missed putting up another photo in the earlier post. Usually, during dusk, I avoid driving on the highway because it is one of the more dangerous hours as it is neither dark nor bright and I have problems judging distances. So, I usually leave driving on highways to my husband while I sat next to him and keep taking photos, after photos of the sunset.

If you are not an expert on the road, I would advise you to stay off the highways during dusk and night too. I have seen some nasty cases of motor vehicles that involve heavy tankers and they are pretty scary. Normally these huge tankers just parked on the side and some sleepy drivers rammed right into it.
However, you better find one very aggressive lawyer and get him to sue the Government as well for not setting the law to ensure that these heavy vehicles are not on the road without proper warning lights.

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Flickr video is not working for me

11 Apr

The thing I regret about getting my camera is it takes video in MOV format. Some sites do not accept MOV or movie format. Some softwares cannot edit MOV format. Therefore, it is a bitch to convert them. Recently, my Vista is corrupted and it is not able to play MOV video.

However, Flickr video said it supports MOV format. Youtube too supports MOV format and all along I have uploaded videos to Youtube without problems.

But after waiting for some time, Flickr video said they are not able to process my video. I cannot upload with the Flickr uploader and am using the uploader direct from Flickr site. Sigh…It is getting on my nerves now because I have tried three times.

Anyone has luck with Flickr video?

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Flickr video

09 Apr

Flickr Video is something that I have looked forward to. I have a Flickr Pro account and uploaded all my photos there and link to my blogs to save on bandwith and diskspace.

Meanwhile, I have been uploading videos to Youtube. I am not comfortable with Youtube because it is full of funny characters. You just need to take a look at some of those comments left by the users and it is enough to tell you to stay away.

So, now, Flickr video is launched, I am going to use more videos on my blog. Flickr video is a new service that is just released. I have tried it yet but like all Flickr services, I know it is going to be one cool thing.

Are you a Flickr member yet? I highly recommend it. I enjoy the community in Flickr and post my photos to all those communities to exchange opinions and share pictures.

Check out Flickr video now!

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Would Edison Chen save all the trouble if he has used a better program?

11 Feb

Now that the naked photos of all the stars like Cecelia Cheung, Bobo, Gillian Chung, Vincy Cheung and a host of other girls being exposed, I wonder if Edison Chen could have saved his butts if he has used one of those said security program?

I just posted it in my last post and never thought how important it is until now.  I didn’t know that one can get all the files even if our computer konked out.  Not that it is important because I never keep any incriminating photos.  With all the fears of pedophiles and etc, I don’t even take chubby, naked baby photos.  I am one paranoid mom.

Check my previous post and see how it could hide photos you want to remain private.  This way, Edison Chen wouldn’t cause so many girls to shit in their pants right now.  He could go on doing his pervert thing of taking photos of every acts and every nude girl in shower.  Life goes on.  Fame continues.  Brides don’t get dumped.

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Do you have photos you want to hide?

26 Jan

I have been pondering about this matter and I am afraid that I do not have any photos that needs to be hidden. I suppose I am not adventurous enough or my life is too boring. However, if you are keeping some secrets that people shouldn’t find out, then, you will be pleased to know about this software found on

All your private photos will be stored safely, out of the public eyes. Only you can open these folders as Hide Photos â„¢ employs the newest industry-standard AES encryption with 256-bit keys. So, you are assured that the hide files facilities is totally secured. None of your opened files or photos will be stored temporarily in your computer as they have taken care of that point as well.

So, head on over to the link provided and get yourself this software to stores all those things you want to keep private.

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