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Create a website for wedding photos

14 Dec

A wedding is a lifetime of memories. It is so precious, special and hopefully, a once in a lifetime memorable event. So much so that one has to really make the special day remembered by all.

Usually, one spends a lot of money on the banquet and the photography. So, how does one immortalise all that on the word wide web? For a start, one can create a website.

I would prefer this website to start when the couple plans to marry. This way, one can journal the plans and all the initial pre-wedding arrangements. It will be beautiful to see the romance blossoming, leading to the wedding proposal and then, the wedding arrangements.

Now, with so many people having video cameras and digital cameras, we can also collect all the photos taken by them and put under one website so that we can see the faces of the guests, bride and groom, relatives in one single website.

Many people may not have the technical skills to start a website. Some may know only the basic but not able to create a really beautiful site with a certain theme. Therefore, we can always find resources where we can easily create a website with just a few simple steps.

The other thing is to make sure that the maintenance is done well so that we can keep the site for a much longer time and for the future generation to see as well.

So, ever thought of giving a wedding gift by way of giving someone a website?

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Photography Course

31 Mar

Recently, I had a chance of learning from a very professional videographer who is also an expert in photography. The class was only eight hours but I managed to pick up a lot of tips and tricks from him. It makes a whole lot of difference between reading and actually attending a class conducted by someone professional. So, if I have a chance, I will want to take a whole photography course to learn all that I haven’t learn.

Of course, photography is something that you either like or just being impartial to it. Not everyone has the passion to go all the way to learn the technical stuffs of a camera to the finer points of the art call photography. But for those who does have the passion, it is always fun to pursue a course.

Take for example, wedding photography. There are hundreds and thousands of wedding photographers out there but majority of them produce the same kind of work. If you have seen one, you have seen all. However, there are gems of photographers who really produce breath-taking shots and pictures that make you go wow! I have seen a wedding album taken with black and white photography techniques. It reminiscence of the wedding photos of the 1940s, 50s and 60s which exude a certain charm and romance like our grandmothers’ era.

So, if you are looking for good photography tips and wish to find a professional photography course to become a photographer, check out some of the excellent websites out there. The New York Institute of Photographer has some good articles for reading as well.

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Personalized your greeting cards

02 Mar

The other day, I took a few hundreds of photos for my niece-in-law’s wedding. Then, I made a video clip with several songs and burned it into a DVD to be played on TV.

My sis-in-law family was terribly happy with the DVD because they haven’t have a chance to look at the photos taken by the professional wedding photographer as he was hired by the groom side. Some of the photos are really nice and I asked the bride if she wants to make them into personalised cards so that she can use it as Thank You cards to the guests.

I told her that companies like PS Print Printing can turn those beautiful shots into low cost but nice quality postcards. It will be a good keepsake for her friends as they not only get a thank you note, they also get to keep a picture of her memorable day.

In fact, I like the idea of postcard printing because it is certainly a good way to make use of those beautiful shots we have. When we go for holidays, we can use the scenery shots as postcards. If we have a new baby, we can use the baby pictures as birth announcement.

The possibilities are endless. Just hop over to find out how you can turn your photos into personalized greeting cards.

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PICASA 3 for Mac is available for download now

06 Jan

I am so happy that Google has finally released PICASA 3 for Mac. I have missed using PICASA for my photo editing since I change over to using MAC OS. I prefer PICASA 3 over my iPhoto because I can insert water marks and text into the photo with one button.

I also find PICASA 3 gives better photo effects. So, if you are not the kind of person who like to spend a long time doing photo editing using the more advance software like Adobe Photoshop, then, try PICASA. It works real fast with just a few buttons.

You can download it here.

I embed the video on PICASA 3 on Mac here

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I like Flickr new feature – Stats of our photos

24 Oct

Actually, this is not very new as it has been around for a couple of weeks already. I am not sure if this is a feature just for Flickr Pro account or include the free account. Anyway, the stats given by Flickr can help us to improve our traffic.

flickr stats

Flickr lets us know the most viewed photos on our Flickr account. It provides the statistic. So, how does this help us? Well, depending on your priority, we can tweak the photos titles for our benefits. Of course, if you are just storing the photos on Flickr for fun and for sharing, then, it is not so important.

Picture 2.png

For people like me who monetize my site and wish to get more traffic, I will see that my photos are given an appropriate title. When these photos are placed in our blog posts, it will attract searches. Therefore, it increases traffic.

However, I am always too lazy to name my photos as I usually dump all of them from my camera to Flickr.

The other tip to note is if you do not want people to find some photos, do not name it. I seldom name my children’s photos with title like naked boy, or cute chinese boy or something that perverts like to find. I also never name my own photos with my name. Hehehe…..They are all the nameless numbers like IMG 2009 or DSC 2009 or whatever the number is given by the camera.

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