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Importance of the right web design

10 Apr

I bought a domain for this blog but unfortunately, I do not feel like moving over because I want to ensure that I have a smashing web design before I place this blog in its own domain.

Photo blog relies on its web design and usually, I prefer something black and decorated with some catchy colour. Not know what will be the best, I surf around and found this web design blog. I have been reading up quite a bit and realized many other points that I have missed out. There is the ease of navigation, downloading time and most of all, the SEO factor. Usually, photo blog contains very few words so having a SEO template will make sure that our site is being crawled often and getting rank favourably.

If you are also looking for good tips and ideas, do read the link provided. I can never emphasize enough on the importance of getting your website designed by the professionals. For example, a friend of mine too this fabulous looking free WordPress template and was so happy with it. But little did she know that there were hidden codes hiding in the footer that she cannot see but can be crawled by the spiders. Another friend noticed it and told her how dangerous it is to hide codes not visible to the eyes because they can be penalised by Google.

Therefore, always be on the look out for little kinks like this if you are taking free template. Otherwise, get your web design tailored made. It is safer this way. There are so many things that can be hidden in mere codes and unless we are an expert in css or have the knowledge to sniff it out, we could fall prey.

However, if you follow regularly all the blogs that write about blog design and learn from these experts, the chances of being misled is less because these group of developers, webmasters, webdesigners and other professionals are normally very generous in sharing what they know and help the community of publishers and website owners. It is all freely available on the net, just that you need to know where to find.

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Woot! 4Mbps broadband

05 Apr

My hubby have upgraded our home broadband from the current 1Mbps to 4Mbps. Now, I am just waiting for the technician to come and get the settings done. We were told that we are lucky the exchange is very near our home and hence, we can get the 4Mbps. Frankly, I have no idea how it works. Are they using cables or wireless? Never mind, I shall wait and ask the technician to explain to me.

Meanwhile, for those of you who resides in the United States, you may want to check out the comparison of Wild Blue and Hughes Net services. Lucky dudes there have even greater services. You can look at their guide on choosing an internet service provider. It is good to compare and get the best deal because sometimes, some packages may be cheap but do not offer what we need in future and some may have too many features that the home users probably do not need.

For example, some packages can support VoIP but do homes need that? I doubt so. But if you are running a home business, you may want to compare VOIP Providers – Voice Over IP Phone Services.

So, I hope this has been helpful to you. Meanwhile, I look forward to my spanking, faster speed broadband, hopefully next week.

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Ever need tutorial and how-to articles?

10 Dec

If you are not someone who can write well or have the time to write much, you probably need some free website content to fill up your blogs. For example, if a photography blog like this does not have much contents, it will not do very well in terms of search engine optimization or SEO.

In order to attract organic traffic, we need to have some useful contents written professionally. So, if you are not good with words, how about taking some good articles and use them? It will help tremendously to fill up your blog with ‘meat’. For example, on photography alone, you get hundreds of posts here. Many of these are written by professionals and hence, can be very good article for our reading as well. Take a look!


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Funny enough, this blog PR doesn’t drop

09 Oct

I have seen almost all my blogs’ PRs dropped. I thought this will bite the dust as well because I sell text links on the sidebar. But funny enough, it survives. Anyway, this used to be a PR 4/10 and dropped during the last Google pagerank update.

But you know what is more devilish? I may lose some pageranks but so many of those sites which have been around for months do not get any PR. It is not PR NA but PR 0/10. Muahaharrr….that’s worst than losing PR. No PR. Zero. Nilch. Kosong. Big fat egg.

Anyway, I have bought a domain for this blog but I am too lazy to change the URL. I do not know how to do it. So, I guess I will just let the domain digitalworldphoto dot com stays dormant for a while. I love the name but don’t think my photos are going to be anything near worldphoto. Blek.

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Celcom beats MAXIS 3G hands down!

17 Sep

This is what I was told and it was mentioned in some magazine survey. So, I was lucky that I got to a shop who told me that Celcom is launching a special promotion on 24th September 2007 where we can sign up for two years commitment plan and get some models of the phone for half the price.

Last night, I was on my way to get a Sony Ericsson P1i and about to sign up with Maxis. Right now, I only have a DIGI prepaid number and using Sony Ericsson S500i which gets more and more ‘lala’ everyday. But the gods are kind to me and I bumped into another distributor and he told me about this pending promo starting 24th September.

Here are some of the premium brands of phone that will be offered in Celcom’s promo:

Nokia E 90 – RM3,888 but customer paying only RM2,550 and sign up with Celcom for the two years commitment plan.

LG Prada – RM2,999 but paying RM1,399

Nokia N 95 – RM2,888 but paying RM1,350

Sony Ericsson P1i – RM2,288 but I will be paying only RM1,00 and sign up and pay upfront RM1,200 for 24 months with Celcom.

Got this information from Celcom Point – Gurney Plaza.

On 24th September, I am going to get the phone plus Celcom unlimited use broadband. Fuyohhhhh…I will be blogging from everywhere, anytime and making lots of moolah.