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I’ve found the photo gallery!

30 Jan

I was lamenting about the project I am working on where I need to install a popular PHP photo gallery script for the church website. There are many things I have to take into considerations such as :

1) User friendly – anyone can surf and browse

2) Security – It has to be secured and only authorised people can upload to the PHP image gallery

3 The photos must be stored on our church’s server and not some public gallery because of privacy issues. We want a PHP photo software that we are in control of.

4) The ability to interact, i.e. whereby church parishioners can leave comments on the photo. This will create a nice community ‘feel’ amongst church members and the visitors.

5) Finally, I must be able to manage it. I am not the most computer literate person around but in the project team, I am just a wee bit exposed to the internet than the others. So, the final and most important thing is whether can I install, administer, personalised, customize and do whatever is needed to the photo gallery?

Luckily, I found this PHP image gallery from Gallarific which suits my needs. It is a PHP photo software which you can download from their site. There is a 30-day refund guarantee.

I took a tour of the site which provides a video and wallah, I know I can handle that. No problemo. You can read about the features of the site and have a hands-on experience with their demo. Check it out, it is a good add-on to your site if you run a community-based forum or any online group. I can see many potential for bloggers and website owners to promote and expand their domain.

Nowadays, everyone owns a camera. People loves to show off their photos. So, they join groups and communities online. If you run a food blog, you can give your readers the alternative of joining your food photos pool. If you organise a parenting group, the members who are parents themselves will love to be able to share their kids’ photos. Web hosting are pretty cheap nowadays. Just get a huge diskspace and bandwith for less than a hundred bucks and you are good to go.

Therefore, those people who asked me about tips on making money through the internet, this is one tool they can make use of. Provide your surfers and readers an enhanced experience of being in a community and they will return to you often. In turn, they will bring more friends and soon, your readership will grow and so will your cyber-wallet. Good tip, eh?

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