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Earth Hour 2010 – Photo collage to video

29 Mar

I love my Nikon D40 with its kit lens. Although the kit lens doesn’t take very great pics if compared to my 18-200 mm zoom lens, it takes nice photos in the dark.

The other day, during the Earth Hour 2010, where it was total darkness, I managed to snap some decent photos. I made a video out of those photos and I actually quite like it. It is much better than taking videos because my video camera really sucks in darkness.

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Vacations & spring breaks are money guzzling

16 Feb

The world weather has gone crazy. I heard that they have extraordinary cold winter up north of the globe. Meanwhile, over here at the equator, we are melting in the extreme hot weather.

If only traveling is not so expensive, I will be flying like the migrating birds from hemisphere to hemisphere to find the kind of weather I want instead of suffering in this heat.

For me, the ideal one right now is a place with spring temperature. Not too hot, not too cold, just nice. But then, I don’t have the cash to live that kind of luxurious life.

So, I shall just have to keep melting in this hot weather. Today, to escape the heat at home, I went to the shopping mall with intention to buy a new Canon S90 camera. I heard the price is about $1,550.

I read the review on digital photo magazines, both local and international version and they gave rave review to the camera. Since I have a stack of cash from hubby, I thought of buying it using the money. I prefer cold hard cash or prepaid credit card any day.

That way, I don’t have to face the music later. Pay now, no suffering later at all. That’s why prepaid credit card is the much preferred payment mode for most parents with grown up children.

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Penang Toys Museum

14 Feb

betty boop, originally uploaded by 5xmom.

I went to the Penang Toys Museum and took over 300 photos from there. They are mostly toys from movies like Star Wars, LOTR, horror movies and modern action figures.

However, there are some very traditional toys like these Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse and other old toys as well.

It is certainly good place to take photos. However, it is still a challenge because of the dirty display windows these toys are stored in.

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Photographing spider web

14 Feb

spider web, originally uploaded by 5xmom.

It is very hard to take photos of the super thin, super fine and almost translucent spider web. Yet, the design is so mesmerizing and unique, I would spend a lot of time, move a few angles and try capturing them.

Usually, I need to touch up the photo, adding more shadow and highlights to be able to see the web.

The other day I went to the forest reserve park and there were so many spider webs to take pictures. It was a hot afternoon and I probably burnt a few shades darker just to take this picture.

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Door guard

10 Sep


This is a painting found a door. It is supposed to be the guards of the gate of hades or heaven. As you can see the face is really fierce and it sorts of remind us to behave ourselves or else we probably cannot pass through the door to the right area.

Chinese temples are very interesting place to take pictures. However, my only grouse is the dominating red colour which my camera tends to have problem capturing. Sometimes, the red colour comes out with some tinge of blue.

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