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18 Jun

I think I sucks in every aspect of photography. I still have problems grappling with the manual settings of my DSLR. I always failed to be prepared.

I was at my nephew’s wedding and I didn’t know what to expect from a church wedding. I wasn’t ready when the bride march in with her father. So, by the time I turn on my camera and ready to aim, she was already way past where I stood.

So, all I got was her back. :(

However, I know I am rather good with framing because I normally pay careful attention to what I capture in that little view finder.


Since it was a church wedding, the cross features as the main subject. I tried to get the cross in most of my photo and when I compared the photos taken by me and the others, ya, mine looks better.


For this photo, I cropped off all the chaos at the background like the drums, organ and other musical instruments. Then, I give the photo some soft edges.

So, overall I am quite satisfied with the photos I took as I was standing at quite a distance away. I refused to go near the couple eventhough others urged me to do so. Why? Because I do not want to irk the MIL. I heard they have spent over SGD4K to hire professional photographer so I better stay away.

The above photos were taken with Nikon D40 and Nikon VR 18-200mm zoom lens.

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Dusk color with Pentax Optio M20

21 Nov

It may be a cheap camera we bought for our son as his first ‘toy’. However, this camera has been rather good, considering that it is only RM690. I like take macro shots of food photos with it more than using the Nikon P4 because it won’t give lens shadow and the colour looks more appetising.

Northam Road, Penang

It was dusk when I took this photo using night mode. I place it on top of our car’s roof to avoid too much camera shake and grab a photo of the high towers and the colorful skies. It was just a random picture as all of us were getting into the car after our dinner at Northam Court.

Well….maybe it is because I am such a good photographer so even cheap cameras produce good pictures? The photos are all rather blur as can be expected when we take photos in dim light minus flash. And noobies, don’t ever use your flash to capture photos like these because it will spoil the mood! If you are not in a hurry, place the camera on something steady and set the timer to avoid camera shake.


How my DSLR survives a fall –

12 Oct

This is my Nikon D40 with the flash gun SB600.

I hardly use the kit lens but lucky that I decided to change it to the kit lens today. Normally, I use the 18-200 mm VR lens or the micro lens. I went to lunch and I was sitting with my back against the wall. So, I hang the camera in the 2 Million Crumpler bag on my chair. No one is suppose to be passing behind me because it is a wall, remember? Moreover, there is a groove and I don’t expect the bag to slip down.


This is a photo of the D40 with the expensive VR lens that can hardly fit into the Crumpler. Like I said, today, I use only the kit lens which is much smaller. Meaning when I close the bag, it is well protected.

And you know what happened? One waiter actually squeezed behind my chair, knock down the bag and my precious camera fall onto the floor! KNN!

Lucky the Crumpler layers are protective enough and lucky it was just a cheap kit lens. Otherwise, I will sue the restaurant.

Conclusion – You cannot leave your camera on the table because you are afraid of your kids pouring water or soup on it. You cannot leave it on the floor because someone may step on it. You cannot hang it because dumb waiters chose to knock it down. Solution? Hug the camera and don’t eat.

Thanks to Crumpler and thanks to the giver. Eh, I need a bigger bag, how?


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Celcom beats MAXIS 3G hands down!

17 Sep

This is what I was told and it was mentioned in some magazine survey. So, I was lucky that I got to a shop who told me that Celcom is launching a special promotion on 24th September 2007 where we can sign up for two years commitment plan and get some models of the phone for half the price.

Last night, I was on my way to get a Sony Ericsson P1i and about to sign up with Maxis. Right now, I only have a DIGI prepaid number and using Sony Ericsson S500i which gets more and more ‘lala’ everyday. But the gods are kind to me and I bumped into another distributor and he told me about this pending promo starting 24th September.

Here are some of the premium brands of phone that will be offered in Celcom’s promo:

Nokia E 90 – RM3,888 but customer paying only RM2,550 and sign up with Celcom for the two years commitment plan.

LG Prada – RM2,999 but paying RM1,399

Nokia N 95 – RM2,888 but paying RM1,350

Sony Ericsson P1i – RM2,288 but I will be paying only RM1,00 and sign up and pay upfront RM1,200 for 24 months with Celcom.

Got this information from Celcom Point – Gurney Plaza.

On 24th September, I am going to get the phone plus Celcom unlimited use broadband. Fuyohhhhh…I will be blogging from everywhere, anytime and making lots of moolah.


Orange and manual overload

12 Sep


As you know, I got my Nikon SB 600 flashgun and only know how to use one setting. I tried reading the manual but got lost in the formulas. So, if I really want to get the right settings, I need to bring out my other Nikon D40 manual and compare notes. That give me so much headache, I decided to just go through trials and errors.


Overall, I am not happy with these photos because I want the orange to ooze juices like those advertisements and I couldn’t get the sharpness I want. Still can’t figure out why. I use aperture priority, manual focus setting, aperture around f13 and above.

Since I use the flashgun, how did the shadow appear?


Never mind, I will go and eat more oranges till I get the sharpness I want. Oranges are good for your skin!


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