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What’s in your dry cabinet? (Digi-Cabi)

28 Apr

nikon camera

My dry cabinet Digi-Cabi has :

1) Nikon D40 + kit lens

2) Two Nikon lens, one a micro, one a zoom

3) One rosak-ed Konica Minolta Dynax 5 DSLR with more lens

4) One functioning Konina Minolta Z3 prosumer camera and even more lens

5) Skateboard bearings (which are awfully expensive and mail order from US)

6) Pre-paid phone cards *roll eyes* cos my sons said this way, they won’t lose them (we normally buy a few hundred RM and keep them for convenience)

dry cabinet

Well, at least I didn’t store 1,000 years old ginseng or bird’s nest there. Because I couldn’t afford them.

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Nikon SB-600 flashgun

02 Sep

After much hesitation and consideration, I finally got myself the Nikon SB-600 flashgun. A few people have suggested getting the SB-800 but I couldn’t part with my money because I think the price is twice the price of the SB-600.

As it is, I am already totally blur with the foreign terms and OMG, I took a quick browse through the manual and I read that I am supposed to calculate some formulas. Die! I am bad with things like these. Until now, I can’t figure out what is TTL in my flashgun. I only know that I am suppose to use that.


Moreover, I haven’t have much time to test them out yet. I am looking forward to attend some indoor event with dim lighting to play around with the flashgun.

One other thing is now my camera is damn heavy. The flashgun uses four batteries and with my kick-ass fat micro lens, I can feel the weight of the camera on my wrists.

I don’t think I am going to read the manual too much because the more I read, the more confused I am. I will most probably use my instinct and try through trial and errors.


Digital Picture Frame – Perfect way to display photos

02 Aug

All of us who loves taking photos know the chore of getting those photos displayed. We either put them in our computer or print them out. Keeping them in our PC means very little mobility. People have to crowd around our PC to view them. Printing them is costly and bulky as well.

Now there is this marvellous idea of storing and showing our photos to friends and loved ones using a Digital Picture Frame. Well, it is not only a high resolution digital picture frame but it is also a MP3 player as well. It will make perfect gift for events like wedding, baby showers, graduation and other memorable occasions.

How does it work?

Step 1: Take photos with your digital camera.

Step 2: Remove your flash memory card (SD, CompactFlash, MultiMedia, or other Flash Memory Card) from your digital camera.

Step 3: Place your flash memory card in the back of your Digital Picture Frame. Now you can showcase your favorite digital photos year round on a coffee table or shelf without the need of a computer.

This is indeed a brilliant idea because the photos come in high resolution and in large sizes at 7 inches on LCD. So, we no longer have to deal with faded prints anymore. Moreover, with a compact size like this, we can bring it everywhere to show friends and relatives. Otherwise, they look beautiful when display in homes or offices. The frames come in four different colours like white, black, silver and walnut.


If one is creative, there are so many things we can do with it. For example, store all the couple photos along with some favourite songs to make it a perfect anniversary gift. Capture your friend’s wedding and give it as a gift. Store the family photos and voice recording and give it to your family member who is away from home for keepsakes. Compile a group event and make it as corporate gifts. The possibilities are endless.

So, go over to the link provided and view the EDGE Hi-Res Digital Picture Frame plus MP3 Player. You can find out more technical details on the site like the credit size remote, power supply and compatibility with the various cameras and memory cards.

*This photo storage ideas is from EdgeTechCorp*

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Camera bags

12 Jul

Recently, I bought a camera bag. Or rather, my hubby bought it because if I am asked about it, I think I will prefer a smaller bag. The one I have is from Australia and it has a laptop compartment and a camera bag all into one.

With all the paddings, it become one huge kick butt, heavy and hot burden. It will be useful when we travel out of town because I normally bring my laptop and camera along. However, I personally find it too big for my liking if I am to cart it around. I kept bumping into things because of the bulk of it.

Then again, I also dislike the bag that came together with my Nikon DSLR because it spells ‘camera bag, expensive stuffs inside, snatch thieves, take a look’. You know….camera bags that look like camera bags are asking for trouble because it becomes a prime target for thieves.

So, my friend told me to get a less flashy bag that not only store camera and its lens safely, it should look normal so that it doesn’t attract much attention. This is especially so when I am carrying the almost $7K worth of camera and lens alone. I am not like a 6 footer with burly arms and hence, easy target for snatch thieves.

There are several varieties of camera case and it is a must to get at least one very reliable one as our lens and cameras are so expensive. Things to look out for are the paddings, zips, materials, whether it is waterproof or not and even the straps. You certainly do not want to drop the bag due to a broken strap.

Naneupro is one of the brand of camera case on the market. Do take a look at them on the link provided. I do wish they produce the bags in pink! I have an olive coloured bag right now and I hate the colour.



Nikon SB-600 flash

12 Jul

I have been sucked into the Ken Rockwell cult. Everything the master said is good and true. Before I make any purchases, I have to ‘Let’s see what Ken Rockwell said’. His words are final.

So, I was hunting around for a flash for my Nikon D40 because when I use the 18-200mm VR lens, I tend to get lens shadow due to the length of the zoom and also the very short flash. I also have problems with micro shots because when I use a smaller aperture (i.e. the bigger f numbers like f16-f22), the photos need flash to brighten it. If I use the built in flash, it is too harsh.

I finally settled for the Nikon SB-600 and had placed my order. Now, I am just waiting for the shop to call me to pick up a new unit. It is very frustrating getting stuffs here because most shops only carry one or two pieces of everything and most likely the item has been opened from its original box and used a demo. My hubby always demanded unopened box so he asked the shop to order one while we wait.

When I get the flash, I am going to be so confused with the extra numbers to remember. Never mind, so long as I get it.