Almost everyone owns a digital camera nowadays. You can find grandpas proudly taking photos of their little grandchildren at the park. You can find young children with a camera each when they are on school trips.

With the price of digital cameras going lower and lower and the easy payments given out by the retailers, popularity of the digital cameras will spread like the handphones. With a big boom!
However, not everyone is adept with a gadget like a digital camera. There are lots of buttons to adjust, techniques to master before one gets breathtaking photos. One shouldn’t just snap photos of an event as it is. One should explore and make the photo alive, make it much more attractive than real life.
Therefore, this blog is to chronicle the progress of a newbie photographer. Start from the basics. There will be no photography lingo, no mind boggling numbers in milimeter. Just pure, simple to understand language.

This blog is fueled by the passion of an amatuer photographer to share her tumbles and fumbles in the area of digital photography. Watch this space and let’s improve our photography skill together!

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